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Words of support, encouragement, and positivity from our parents, teachers, and leaders.

I expected the world from Pine Street School, and from day one, that is exactly what has been delivered.

-Christopher, Pine Street School parent, child in Preschool, Mandarin

Thank you again for your leadership, energy and dedication during this unusual time. You continue to amaze us with the creativity and comprehensiveness of your posts - from Mandarin learning to yoga, music and art. I won't lie - it's not an easy time and we are all adjusting to new schedules, expectations, family dynamics, etc. But it is significantly easier to do so with the support of this community.

-Ariel, Pine Street School parent, child in 1st grade, Mandarin

I've never been more grateful to be enrolled with Battery Park Montessori and Green Ivy Schools and trule commend all of you on your efforts to date and supporting your families.

-Holly, Battery Park Montessori parent of 3-year-old

I am so proud of what Pine Street School is doing and your leadership! Thank you so much for make it happen!!!

-Cindy, Pine Street School teacher

The calmness and familiarity you bring to our home every morning is truly priceless.

-Holly, Battery Park Montessori parent of 3-year-old

Ishil, Tiffany and Quinyan put so much effort in every single day. You could tell they were always mentally present and they took the time to engage with all the kids individually and evidently put a lot of time in preparing for the lessons.

-Bryan, Pine Street School parent, child in Twos, Mandarin

You always spoke of School of the Future, and here we are in the future and adapting to it.

-Adriana, Pine Street School parent, two children in 2nd grade, Spanish

Both my husband and I appreciate the attention and effort in terms of communication these last few months from your entire staff. Your newsletter on Sunday was incredibly refreshing and helpful so thank you for taking the time to write that. I agree that there could not be richer soil for learning, and although it is scary times for all of us as parents, it is also exciting to think that Sandra will embark her learning experience with such potential for innovation.

-Angelica, future Pine Street School parent

You have been able to produce such a meticulous and comprehensive online course.

-Xueyuan & Wennan, Battery Park Montessori parents of 2- and 4-year-olds

Thank you for this week. You have blown away all our expectations with virtual learning.

-Natalie, Pine Street School parent, child in 3rd grade, Spanish

Having done distance learning before, in Istanbul for earthquakes and in Angola for Ebola, I am so impressed by how seriously and passionately our teachers are taking this.

-Eileen Baker, Pine Street School, Head of School

I would like to thank you for building such amazing schools. For choosing the talented and wonderful staff that you have in both Montessori and Pine Street. Your dedication to the field is extraordinary. I have been incredibly proud to have my children as students at both your schools. Pine Street has dealt with the distance learning in an extremely professional way. You have impressed all of us!

-Nina, Pine Street School parent, children in 1st grade Mandarin & 2nd grade Spanish

It's just extraordinary what the staff is doing to offer a semblance of continuity to our children during this troubling time. Not to mention, how creative one has to get to offer a Montessori experience over the computer. The video is SO WELL done.

-Adela, Battery Park Montessori parent of 3-year-old

We're so happy that we can share these unexpected and unusual times 'together' with the Pine Street School community.

-Antonieta, Pine Street School parent, child in 1st grade, Mandarin

I'm excited for [my kids] to learn about remote work because it is the real world for many of us, normally!

-Nicole, Pine Street School parent, children in 2nd & 3rd grade, Spanish

Remote Learning: Virtual Classrooms in Action!