On-Site After School Care:

Clubhouse for Enrolled Students

Fall 2022 Trimester: September 12-December 16

This is a fun, relaxed social experience in which students play, do homework, eat snack, and hang out from 2:30-6:00pm. Due to COVID-19 precautions, After School Clubhouse is only open to currently enrolled students. Currently enrolled students can register here.

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Past Enrichment Classes

American Sign Language

Learn American Sign Language (ASL) through songs, games, books, and dramatic play! Imagine being able to tell your friend a secret from way across the playground or in the library, or ask your parents for more lemonade while your mouth is full of food, or tell your siblings a joke through a window or when you’re supposed to be going to sleep! With sign language you can also bring favorite characters to life, communicate without your voice, discover a new language, and learn about another culture. ASL is the language of the Deaf community in North America – but people who are not Deaf also use sign language and you can learn it along with the amazing teachers from Baby Fingers (not just for babies!).


Move, stretch, jump, and Dance With Joy! Little dancers can find a lifelong love for ballet with this course for our youngest performers. “I want my students to dance for more than fun or competitions or technique. I want my students to dance because the music inspires them and makes them happy. Don't just dance for fun, Dance With Joy!"


Telling stories that transform chess pieces into a memorable cast of quirky characters, this class helps children learn how to strategize and make the chess pieces move. Every lesson has a fun, interactive story that introduces children to important themes that go far beyond the game. Students learn about sportsmanship, grit, and math, all through stories. Classes facilitated by Chess At Three.

Coding with The Coding Space

In this beginner course, students will use Scratch, a block-based coding language, to formulate one’s ideas into a logical sequence of steps. Kids can jump into this class with no prior programming knowledge and, in just a few hours, build an incredible understanding of core computer science concepts through building games and animations. As they progress through this course, they’ll continue to learn essential programming constructs and develop a computational thought process that will prepare them for more advanced material. This class is facilitated by The Coding Space and requires a laptop or desk top computer.

Cooking: Culinary Passport with Allergic to Salad

With a focus on international cuisine and food history, these NYS CORE standards-aligned classes explore the culinary basics through our series of from-scratch recipes. Students will learn measuring, mixing, mashing, peeling, grating and cutting, and will learn kitchen safety and routines, responsible cleanliness practices, how to use the tools properly and safely, food recognition, and how to follow instructions. Students will use their five senses to strengthen their fine motor and receptive language skills, while being encouraged to be adventurous eaters. All classes in this series are “no-cook” or “cook later” for maximum hands-on fun. Some example dishes include homemade hummus and vegetable crudite, breakfast burritos with quick salsa, and vegetable rolls with dipping sauce!

Mandarin Classes for Children by China Institute

Using a theme-based curriculum, students will participate in an engaging and interactive learning experience through a variety of age-appropriate activities, games, songs, etc. In addition to listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, students will also develop social skills and strengthen their study habits. This class is hosted by The China Institute.

Spanish Classes with Nueva York Kiddos

This immersion after school Spanish program encourages kids to practice Spanish through songs, stories, fun projects, and games. Presented by Nueva York Kiddos, this class provides a joyful learning experience for every student through a unique curriculum that celebrates students' spontaneity, creativity, kindness, and empathy. Teachers help students embrace different cultures around the world while reinforcing Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills.

Total Body Fitness

Work on the FUNdamentals of fitness so you can lead a healthy and active lifestyle! Expell some of that energy, build character, work with a team, make friends, and compete from the comfort and security of home. Facilitated by Breakaway Hoops.

Young Academic Music: Music & Math

Students have the opportunity to explore this brand new and robust course that takes place three times per week after school. YAM engages students’ natural curiosity, love for music, and desire for experimentation while building a knowledge base in mathematics and other STEM concepts. Presented by the Touro College Graduate School of Education and the United States Department of Education.

Our Enrichment Partners

Battery Park Montessori is proud to have worked with these amazing providers of children's programming in NYC.

Art Farm in the CityBattery Urban FarmChess At ThreeChildren's Museum of the ArtsMusic TogetherNORYRobofun