Remote Learning: Virtual Classrooms


Battery Park Montessori is designed to prepare students for both today, and their future world. As a trilingual Montessori school, our program of instruction has always encouraged curiosity, supported student agency, and been rooted in our students' experiences of the global world. These pedagogical traits, coupled with our integration of technology, have prepared our students and our entire learning community exceptionally well for this time of increased Remote Learning.

In our Remote Learning approach, you see that our dedicated faculty create the familiarity and expectations of the school routine in the virtual classrooms with the whole group, differentiated groups, and independent instruction. We are proud that we are not only providing rich learning opportunities, but enhancing the depth of the understanding and development that takes place.

Remote Learning at Battery Park Montessori happens with the cooperation, trust, and partnership of parents and families.

We invite you to explore some highlights from our Remote Learning experiences, take advantage of some of the resources, and reach out to share some of your ideas. Even virtually, we are all in this together, and Battery Park Montessori is here to help.

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Sample Daily Schedule

Morning Meeting: Greetings & Whole Groups Lessons with the Teachers
Work Time/Lessons: Group or individual Montessori lessons with Teachers
Target Language Meeting: Mandarin / Spanish
Music: Movement with Songs
Creative Activities/Practical Life: Preparing or Cooking/Baking Meals, Taking Care of the Environment, Fostering Self-Care at Home

Other Fun Things to Do!

Scenes from Our "Classrooms"

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