Testimonials from Our Community

Words of support, encouragement, and positivity from our parents, teachers, and leaders.

Thank you for bringing your students to help! They asked such thoughtful questions, showcased real dedication to stewardship, and worked HARD. Logan and I were so impressed with the students, their curiosity, and work ethic! Looking forward to having the students out again soon and discussing future opportunities.

Friends of Governors Island Volunteer Coordinator on 5th Graders from Pine Street School

You have been able to produce such a meticulous and comprehensive online course.

Xueyuan & Wennan, Battery Park Montessori, parents of 2- and 4-year-olds

We visited Pine Street in 2018 and were impressed with the school, faculty and approach to education. We had decided to wait until our oldest was in 6th grade for the transition. However given COVID and our experience with the public school system in spring of 2020, decided in July to expedite that by a year. Of course, we were concerned by the quick timeline to make a decision, so we vetted carefully, asking questions about how they approach remote learning and in-person learning and what my children would learn here versus anywhere else. In the end, we joined a Town Hall that helped us make the decision. Pine Street had really done their homework and the strategy and execution was impressive, from revisiting their HVAC system to having a doctor as a consultant help guide their decisions about protocols, to the investments they made in training their teachers about the technology. There was one comment by Eileen, the head of school, who said that they were viewing this year as an exciting challenge to stretch their muscles in creativity and think about what they could uniquely teach the kids this year, like the importance of eye contact and how to respect other people's space. As a design thinking expert myself and a woman who's TEDx talk is literally, See Problems as Opportunities," that's exactly what I was hoping to hear. They don't see this year as a burden or challenge; they see it as an opportunity to teach differently and rise up to be better teachers. And because of that, both of my kids will be attending this fall.


-Mona, incoming Pine Street School parent, children in 2nd & 5th grade Spanish

Victoire’s lesson today was absolutely amazing. Loved that the children could see her mouthing the various words alongside the pictures she asked about as seeing how the words are formed in the mouth is important in language acquisition for children. Loved when she called on two of the students to count together during one of the earlier moments in class; I think it’s great that two friends were offered an opportunity to connect by doing something like that together. Loved the counting exercises in Mandarin reinforcing the English lesson.

You have put together such an amazing program and all bring a unique energy and style to this platform that makes it such a rich experience for our children. It’s even enjoyable for the grownups when I have a moment to sit down and observe!

Adela, Battery Park Montessori, parent of 3-year-old

Just wanted to say thank you for your and the entire team's continued efforts, thought, and thoroughness in keeping our children, us, PSS staff, and our community as safe as possible during this pandemic. It's a hard job to say the least and you guys are knocking it out of the park!

Roz, Pine Street School parent, children in 4th grade Spanish & Preschool Mandarin

Thank you for a wonderful first week. Both Andrew and I are new to all of this. Sandra is our first child and we did not know what to expect of this experience. To be honest we were both very nervous about it all. But everything you have done to not only prepare the school but also prepare us as parents has made us feel incredibly lucky to have joined Pine Street School.

Angelica & Andrew, Pine Street School parents, child in Nursery

This seems very thought out. We are very grateful for the work Leigh, Paola and all the teachers and administrators have done for us through their break. Who would have ever imagined we would be in this situation? This approach is more likely to engage the kids in a way they will need to be engaged for a protracted period. Many of us parents are working and have so little time to actually supervise. While I am on video conferences, Erik toggles between the girls who we keep in separate rooms on separate lap tops to make it work. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Daniel & Erik, Pine Street School parents, children in 1st grade Spanish

We wanted to thank you and your team for the speed of action. You were one of the first to decide to close the school, implement distance learning and now return after Spring Break with a new proposal. As you said, we are a community and it is in the most delicate moments that this common sense emerges. Our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers that have done such a wonderful job in these different and challenging times.

Adriana, Pine Street School parent, two children in 2nd grade, Spanish

I am so proud of what Pine Street School is doing and your leadership! Thank you so much for make it happen!!!

Cindy, Pine Street School teacher

I am always amazing by your commitment, energy and leadership. Everything that you and the team are doing for the students is truly exceptional. I have no doubt that Dilyn will be thoroughly engaged while learning from home.

Neelam, Pine Street School parent

We have been so impressed with the school and with our son's teachers. He seems to be getting on quite well and is learning a lot faster than we expected. We couldn't be any more pleased and we're very glad that Aiden is at your school.

Edgar & Rong, Battery Park Montessori inaugural parents

Just want to reach out to you to let you know that our children are really enjoying their time at school. It has been a joy to see them excited to go to school each day and we take comfort in knowing that they are in the care of warm and nurturing teachers. Your team is doing such a great job. We appreciate everyone's hard work at Battery Park Montessori.

Jackie & Doug, Battery Park Montessori inaugural parents

It is with our deepest gratitude to you and Green Ivy that I write this note about how Pine Street and BPM has helped our son in his education, personal development, and awareness of his community. We have seen him mature and grow so much with your support.

As you may know HKIS in Hong Kong is extremely competitive and one of the key acceptance criteria to HKIS is an assessment of our son with the admissions committee. While in HK this May, HKIS met with him and completed the assessment. He performed very well and I attribute his success to the training he received from Pine Street and BPM. He was extremely confident, felt at home in the school environment, was able to communicate with the committee with clear thoughts, answers to their questions, and expressed himself as himself. All of this was possible due to his training with you. And I am extremely thankful that we decided to send him to BPM and Pine Street.

We feel part of the family and community with Green Ivy and we can't thank you enough for the continued support and love you provide to our son. I wish we had more time to also send our younger son to your school.

Yuman & Justine, Green Ivy parents

I've never been more grateful to be enrolled with Battery Park Montessori and Green Ivy Schools and trule commend all of you on your efforts to date and supporting your families.

Holly, Battery Park Montessori parent of 3-year-old

You have incredibly bright students that ask well considered and thought provoking questions. I really enjoyed meeting all of you.

Marisa Dunigan, COVID Scientist at Sloan Kettering

Yesterday we were talking with our 8-year-old neighbor and I was asking him if he misses school (he's been online since march) and he told us "no! that's the best part of COVID, skip school." Our kids both couldn't believe that answer, they told him, "What?! but at school you do all kind of fun things, like math!" Amazing, you have made math fun. I'm so thankful for PSS.

Antonieta, Pine Street School parent

Thank you for the proactive communication. For what it is worth I just wanted to let you know I think you and the school are handling this unfortunate situation very professionally and very logically. I am sure you are inundated with lots of opinions from lots of places/people. It is impossible to make everyone happy, but I just wanted to let you know I think all of you are doing a great job in a really tough situation.

Mark, Pine Street School parent

Just wanted to share our appreciation of the leadership and swift response. Our pivot to remote has been seamless, a testament to the investment Pine has made.

Megan, Pine Street School parent

[Re Founder’s COVID-related message to families]. Thank you for this beautifully-stated and timely message. Your words about adaptation, vision, and unity really put things in perspective about the world we live in today and the world we can and should create for tomorrow. I’m very grateful and proud to be a Pine Street KB-Mandarin parent and I’m also so very grateful for all of the hard work the teachers are doing for the class and for my son, along with, of course, the administration’s leadership. It’s really remarkable (and also inspiring to me professionally) how the entire school has successfully embodied these important traits for the sake of the kids and the future. I am filled with hope.

Keith, Pine Street School parent, child in Kindergarten, Mandarin

I expected the world from Pine Street School, and from day one, that is exactly what has been delivered.

Christopher, Pine Street School parent, child in Preschool, Mandarin

Thank you again for your leadership, energy and dedication during this unusual time. You continue to amaze us with the creativity and comprehensiveness of your posts - from Mandarin learning to yoga, music and art. I won't lie - it's not an easy time and we are all adjusting to new schedules, expectations, family dynamics, etc. But it is significantly easier to do so with the support of this community.

Ariel, Pine Street School parent, child in 1st grade, Mandarin

Excellent, thoughtful note from Green Ivy Schools' Founder! Empathetic, open-minded, family-first, forward-looking.... and leading/acting and meeting the challenge head on!!

Gerry & Rosa, Pine Street School parents, child in 4th grade, Spanish

You always spoke of School of the Future, and here we are in the future and adapting to it.

Adriana, Pine Street School parent, two children in 2nd grade, Spanish

Thank you for this week. You have blown away all our expectations with virtual learning.

Natalie, Pine Street School parent, child in 3rd grade, Spanish

I was speaking with a former Battery Park Montessori parent today and he told me that his daughter did so well on her first day of kindergarten. He said she was super confident and excited and it was so great. He said he attributes it to her time at BPM :)

Battery Park Montessori staff member

Jamie and I were so impressed with the Green Ivy Founder and the Head of School, with the teachers, the parents and the space. What a great community you've built and what an amazing venue. Having come to the open house just thinking about our son, we now feel that Pine would be a good fit for our four year old too.

Ashleigh, Pine Street School parent

The calmness and familiarity you bring to our home every morning is truly priceless.

Holly, Battery Park Montessori parent of 3-year-old

Your emails bring us familiarity and comfort. We are so grateful to be part of the Pine Street School community and your strong leadership.

Rosemary, Pine Street School parent

Still smiling and overwhelmed with emotions from today. I watched my once kindergarteners, now 3rd graders, take action with a true passion and understanding of what they were contributing to WHILE connecting in the realest way with our community and forming memories that will last their lifetimes.

Cailin, Pine Street School teacher, 3rd Grade
Ishil, Tiffany and Quinyan put so much effort in every single day. You could tell they were always mentally present and they took the time to engage with all the kids individually and evidently put a lot of time in preparing for the lessons.

Bryan, Pine Street School parent, child in Twos, Mandarin

I needed you to tell you how thankful we are. Pine Street School has been the best decision we have made in NYC. We have loved our time at Pine Street and even during the challenges of the last Unit I was been beyond impressed with how the school could pivot and really was phenomenal at distance learning. I’ve told everyone that would listen... Pine Street crushed it....

I’ve said this a million times before ... you guys taught me how to parent. Our daughter came in right at 2 and the verbiage and communication skills you gave her and me helped me be a better parent and started her love for learning.

I can’t thank you enough for what you have cultivated and the space you made for us in this special special school. I will always support Pine Street and have forwarded the promotional emails to all my friends that are still in the city and deciding what to do.

Griffin, Pine Street School parent, children in Preschool & Kindergarten, Spanish

The support Pine Street School has been able to provide to parents is really above and beyond any other private schools!

Qi & Alan, Pine Street School parents

I find the Green Ivy Schools Founder emails great. They remind me a lot of Howard Marks’ (of Oaktree Capital) memos where he opines on the state of the markets. The commentary is very perceptive. You very much capture what we are thinking as we try to figure all this out. This makes us realize we’ve made the right choice of for our son’s education.

Andrew, Pine Street School parent

I just dropped my daughter off at the school and I feel compelled to write you and tell you how blown away I am at the space. It is truly amazing! The creative originality with which it has been executed must really be reflection of your dedication and commitment to children, education and learning. It is by far my first choice school for her next year, I will be recommending it consistently to moms I know. Congratulations!

Pine Street School inaugural parent

It was absolutely wonderful to join the open house and tour today and after seeing many schools this fall, I must congratulate you on your beautiful facility and genius marriage of Montessori and IB curriculums. We are excited to start the appilication process and would love to find a class visit for our daughter asap.

Djassi, Pine Street School parent, child in 3rd grade, Spanish

I'm excited for [my kids] to learn about remote work because it is the real world for many of us, normally!

Nicole, Pine Street School parent, children in 2nd & 3rd grade, Spanish

Thank you for your leadership and your unfailing commitment to this community. We are lucky to have you at the helm. Though there have been tough moments over the past few weeks, we are so lucky in comparison to so many. In particular, the advice about how to educate during these unusual times has been greatly appreciated. We need your guidance and counsel more than ever and take comfort in the regular updates, enrichment programs and daily lessons.

Ariel & Peter, Pine Street School parents, child in Mandarin

I am always amazing by your commitment, energy and leadership. Everything that you and the team are doing for the students is truly exceptional. I have no doubt that Dilyn will be thoroughly engaged while learning from home.

Neelam, Pine Street School parent

We have been thrilled with Asher's experience there thus far, as well as our family's generally - You have created a fantastic, nurturing environment with wonderful staff!

Jen & Michael, Battery Park Montessori inaugural parents

Was stopped by one of our parents after school today - mom of twin girls in our preschool…. She wanted to tell me how happy her girls are in school… how they hate to leave and how much they look forward to going. She also commented on how surprised she was that they loved being there for the after school classes (because it meant such a long day) and even though they were tired by 5pm, they were happy and excited about what they had done and couldn't stop talking about it. This sentiment was echoed many times over at the PSS family social last Saturday.

Pine Street School staff member

I just wanted to reach out and say I read all 13 pages of the Green Ivy Schools COVID plan as soon as it came out yesterday, as I was anxiously waiting to know more and I can’t tell you how impressed I was reading through the document. The depth and thought that has gone in to keep our children and in fact everyone safe and well is wonderful - thank you. My stress levels and worries have gone down and I feel really confident in the steps the school is taking. Obviously we don’t know what the scenario is going to be come September but I think this is a really commendable plan that you have in place. Thank you so much to you and the entire team at Pine Street for everything that you have done so far and are continuing to do for our children in many different aspects.

Sangeeta, Pine Street School parent

I am always amazing by your commitment, energy and leadership. Everything that you and the team are doing for the students is truly exceptiona. I have no doubt that Dilyn will be thoroughly engaged while learning from home.
Neelam, Pine Street School parent

Both my husband and I are architects. We feel our work is very much about the future because it takes so long to build buildings that anything we design today will only be experienced three or four years from now. When we both found ourselves living in New York, we wanted our daughter to be able to experience education that would enable her to think this way, a school that would provide a framework that she could utilize not only today or tomorrow, but really something she could use in the future. We felt that Pine Street would be able to offer her that and are excited to have the opportunity to join your community of educators and parents.

Both my husband and I appreciate the attention and effort in terms of communication these last few months from your entire staff. Your COVID-related newsletter on Sunday was incredibly refreshing and helpful so thank you for taking the time to write that. I agree that there could not be richer soil for learning, and although it is scary times for all of us as parents, it is also exciting to think that our daughter will embark her learning experience with such potential for innovation.

Angelica, Pine Street School parent, child in Nursery/Twos

I would like to thank you for building such amazing schools. For choosing the talented and wonderful staff that you have in both Montessori and Pine Street. Your dedication to the field is extraordinary. I have been incredibly proud to have my children as students at both your schools. Pine Street has dealt with the distance learning in an extremely professional way. You have impressed all of us!
Nina, Pine Street School parent, children in 1st grade Mandarin & 2nd grade Spanish

We're so happy that we can share these unexpected and unusual times 'together' with the Pine Street School community.

Antonieta, Pine Street School parent, child in 1st grade, Mandarin

Having done distance learning before, in Istanbul for earthquakes and in Angola for Ebola, I am so impressed by how seriously and passionately our teachers are taking this.

Eileen Baker, Pine Street School, Head of School

I just want to say thank you for the amazing job you have done in pivoting to virtual learning. I know it has been challenging on so many fronts, but we are more grateful than ever to be a part of PSS right now. I've heard stories about what is happening at other schools. I feel guilty telling other parents that our son is actually learning! The teachers are doing an amazing job - juggling technology issues, students learning at different paces, and opinionated parents (like me!).

A big thank you for all that you are doing to give my child a day of structure, engagement, and learning (and sanity for me).

Sheetal & Suvir, parents

The school is truly special. We're so thankful we are a part of it.

Natalie, Battery Park Montessori inaugural parent

We’ve been hearing such nice comments from parents about the school. As they're putting up the wallpaper in the hallway nooks, a mom just said to me "this definitely looks like a school where I'd want to send my kid".

Camp provider during the opening week of Pine Street School

On this journey where I explored most of the historically viewed top tier schools I learned how truly exceptional Pine Street is. By the end of my exploration, there was only one school we would have left Pine Street for. In this vast city with so many options, Pine Street really is top of the heap. And I am committed, while I'm still here, and even afterwards to making sure as many people as possible know that too. Thank you for your vision, leadership, and guidance. So much of who my daughter becomes will be due to her precious time at Pine Street!

Liliahn, Pine Street School parent