The languages most spoken in the world are Mandarin, Spanish, and English, but there is even more value to a trilingual education. To learn a language, one must learn to decode that language, and decoding is a universally beneficial skill. We prepare students not just in a specific language, but to be fearless in the face of any language or discipline.

We know that children learn by doing, interacting, and expressing. In our language immersion program children learn from native speakers in a natural way that revolves around conversations. Our approach complements a young child’s development and exposes them to the rhythms, sounds, and culture of the language. The goal is not just fluency, but also to foster a global appreciation by making natural connections through literature, actions, relationships, inquiries, opportunities, and repetition.

Taught by native speakers, subjects like math, reading, and art are delivered through the target language in the form of classical Montessori education. Incoming students need not have previous experience in Mandarin or Spanish. Both native and non-native speakers benefit equally from our Mandarin program. Native speakers not only refine their language skill, but develop self esteem and leadership, plus greater enthusiasm about the language as they see their non-native peers learning.

Students in the morning program gain light exposure to Mandarin and Spanish, while full-day students experience full immersion in each language in the afternoons. In addition to learning academic fundamentals in Mandarin from native speakers, students also learn Chinese cultures and traditions, as well as traditional and popular songs and musical instruments.





If you are interested in 2017-2018 admissions, please contact our admissions team:

The application and tour sign up for 2018-2019 academic year will be available in September.


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